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Tree surgeon is the regular name for an arborist or an arboriculturist. Whatever you call us, we are experts in the care and maintenance of trees and hedges. What distinguishes us from foresters is that we tend to concentrate on the safety and health of individual trees and plants, rather than the management of entire forests and plantations. In this sense, our work often involves single or small groups of trees in an urban environment.

What does a tree surgeon do?

The role of a tree surgeon is a vital one.

Despite being massive and long-lived organisms, trees can be surprisingly fragile, particularly in an urban setting. Whilst they look sturdy, certain conditions can be extremely detrimental to trees and hedges if left unchecked as, unlike other living beings, they are unable to rid themselves of any disease, infestation, or damage without assistance.

Our role then, is essentially fourfold: to treat trees that are diseased or infested, to maintain trees to allow them to grow healthily, to repair damaged trees and, where all other avenues have been exhausted, to fell trees and remove trees where too much damage has been sustained.

tree branch grinding machine


Trees in the UK are prone to all manner of diseases and infestation from fungus or wood boring insects. In such circumstances, spotting the signs early is vital to successful treatment. There are numerous ways to treat trees that have been affected, from chemical glazes to cutting away the affected parts.


Much of the maintenance involved with trees and hedges involves judicious pruning by a trained professional. Early pruning can promote robust growth in a young tree, while the thinning of densely packed branches in older trees can reduce storm damage, and the removal of dead branches and encourage fresh growth in mature trees.


Of course, sometimes we can try all of this, and it’s not enough. Other times, we can tell that the tree is either dead or beyond help. It’s a shame, but these things occasionally come to pass. In such circumstances, our tree surgeons will fell the tree, either in one go or in sections, depending on how it is positioned, and remove it safely from the area.


If a tree has suffered damage, be it in a storm, or some sort of collision, it needn’t signal the end. Mature trees are hardy things and, provided they are braced and wrapped in a timely manner, there is no reason even a badly damaged tree can’t repair itself over time.

Your local tree surgeon

Knowledge of the local area, its flora, and its conditions can be a tree surgeons most effective tool. Based in Christchurch and covering a radius of twenty miles that includes Bournemouth, New Forest, and Ringwood, we know our area well. Let us pay you a visit, where we can recommend the best solution for your trees, and provide a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

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