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Tree stumps in the garden can cause a multitude of problems if left unattended. Quite aside from looking unsightly, they are often an inconvenience, getting in the way of lawnmowers and the like, as well as being a potential tripping hazard. Large stumps might have extensive root systems which, if located near a wall or paved area, could undermine the integrity of the building or pathway. They also attract burrowing insects and a variety of fungi which not only look ugly, but could also be poisonous for pets and children.

The solution? Why, to remove them, of course.

unwanted stump removal

How do you get rid
of unwanted stumps

There are a number of methods for tree stump removal and, here at Mark Hooper Tree Care, we are well-versed in all of them. It largely depends on the size and location of the stump, which is why we prefer to visit the location first to get an idea of the work involved.


Only really useful for the smallest of tree stumps – say those with a diameter of less than five inches – it is nevertheless effective, and it removes most of the tree’s root system, leaving you with an area of ground that can been replanted immediately.

It’s a simple process, but can be dangerous if you’re not experienced, which is why we always recommend hiring a professional even for small stumps like this. It involves taking a mattock (a heavy, pick-axe looking tool, with a wide, flat blade on one end) and chopping around the base of the tree, before digging out the roots.


For anything larger than five inches, a stump grinder is the only real solution. Even a stump that is barely a foot wide will have an extensive root system beneath the ground that will make it a tough job to remove by hand, with no guarantee of success.

Instead, our high-power stump grinding machine will plough through even the largest and hardiest of stumps in minutes, leaving behind nothing but a pile of wood chips that can easily be used as mulch in and around the garden, or we can take it away for you. This results in complete destruction of the stump itself, though the damage to the surrounding ground (aside from the hole where the stump used to be) is minimal.

The grinder is the most eco-friendly and effective method of disposing of tree stumps. You should always distrust any “expert” who recommends using chemicals, nitrate fertiliser, burning with petrol to get rid of a stump in your garden. All are highly dangerous, and have little if any impact on a stubborn stump, which a grinder could get rid of in ten minutes or so.

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