Tree Removal

Tree removal experts in Christchurch and beyond

As experienced tree care specialists, we hate to see a tree removed in its entirety, but sometimes there is no other option. When such a situation arises it is essential that the job is done by a professional, to ensure that the tree is felled with due care and safety. Here at Mark Hooper Tree Care, we have over fifty years’ experience in tree removal across the Christchurch area and beyond, and we can help you.

What is tree removal?

Exactly what it suggests, tree removal involves a combination of two of our other services – tree felling and tree stump removal. It is the final way of disposing of a diseased or damaged tree where all efforts to treat or repair it have failed, or where the tree itself poses a threat to nearby buildings or pedestrians.

When is tree removal an option?

In general terms, we would usually recommend treatment or repair of any tree, but there are occasions when the damage is too far gone. Our team of experts will examine the tree in question, and offer practical advice for saving it, wherever possible.
In such circumstances, we would always recommend tree removal, particularly if there is a chance that it a risk to buildings or people.

damage tree removal vehicle


This is carried out using hi-tech absorbing ropes which allow stems to move but are secured by one or more lines. This is usually carried out on multi stem trees.


Once we know the tree is stable and is not going to accidentally damage anything or injure anybody, our team of tree surgeons will set about felling it. Where possible, we will do this all in one go, with a directional felling cut. If the surroundings are tight, or the tree is backed into a nearby wall, for instance, we will do the job in sections. This is more time-consuming, but minimises the risk of damage and injury.

Tree stump removal

With the main body of the tree removed, it leaves only the stump. We find the best way to dispose of unwanted tree stumps is with a high-powered stump grinder that will reduce it to mulch in mere moments, leaving the ground free for replanted, turfing, or whatever else you had in mind.

tree removal work by our team

Your local tree surgeon

As a locally-based tree care specialist, we understand the area well, and are familiar with the lay of the land and the common issues affecting trees and hedges in the Christchurch, Ringwood, New Forest, and Bournemouth areas. We will pay you a visit in the first instance to inspect any tree likely in need of removal, and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the cost of taking it away. It’s a big job, but we take pains to make the occasions as stress-free for our customers as possible.

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If you have a tree in need of removal, call us today at our Christchurch office on 01202 488 946, and one of our experts will arrange to come out and inspect it for you.