Tree felling

Tree felling experts in Christchurch and beyond

As experienced and qualified tree surgeons serving the Christchurch, Ringwood, and Bournemouth area, it’s never pleasant to have to fell a tree, but occasions arise when that is the only option and, in such circumstances, it requires a fully-trained professional to do the job safely.

What is tree felling?

Tree felling is the cutting down of an otherwise healthy tree, often because it poses a danger to its surroundings, either because it is structurally unstable and presents a falling hazard, because its continued growth will lead to damage to adjoining buildings, or because it is encroaching onto a neighbour’s property.

Safety first

First we make sure that the tree isn’t going to cause any damage during the felling process by falling before we’re ready for it. This is particularly important in tree that are ill-balanced, either through erratic growth or from sustaining damage. This involves bracing the tree, so that its own weight is secured prior to us felling it. All work carried out to BS3998 (2010 tree work recommendations). All staff are MPC trained and undergo reassessment ever 5 years and adhere to AFAG guidelines.

Directional felling

Felling trees from the ground in a safe manner adhering to all guidelines

tree felling and removal work
tree pruning team

Sectional felling

If we haven’t the room for directional felling, we will resort to sectional felling instead. Felling of trees in confined spaces over property by using rigging equipment we remove the tree in a safe controlled manner, adhering to AFAG guidelines.

The stump

If the tree we removed was unstable, but otherwise healthy, you may wish to keep the stump where it is. However, if you wish us to remove the stump too, it is easily done with one of our high powered industrial stump grinders, which will reduce the stump to wood chip in mere moments, leaving the area free for replanting.

Your local tree surgeon

Mark Hooper Tree Care is based in Christchurch, with customers here as well as in nearby Bournemouth, New Forest, and Ringwood. We have spent fifty years in the business, delivering a first rate service to our clients over generations. Our job is make tree felling a stress-free experience for you as our customer, and we always endeavour to do so. Before we fell a tree we will visit you first, to ensure that it is the best solution to your problem, and to offer a free estimation of the cost.

Get in Touch

Call our Christchurch office on 01202 488 946, and we will arrange one of our team to pay a visit to make sure all your tree care needs are taken care of.